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1 offensive terms for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine [syn: butch, dike]
2 a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea [syn: dam, dike, levee] v : enclose with a dike; "dike the land to protect it from water" [syn: dike]

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  1. alternative spelling of dike
  2. In the context of "slang|pejorative": A lesbian. This word has been reclaimed, by some, as politically empowering. (See usage notes.)
  3. A toilet.
    1977, In Cubbaroo's dim distant past They built a double dyke. Back to back in the yard it stood An architectural dream in wood — Ian Slack-Smith, The Passing of the Twin Seater, from The Cubbaroo Tales, 1977. Quoted in Aussie Humour, Macmillan, 1988, ISBN 0-7251-0553-4, page 235.

Usage notes

In the sense of a gay woman, this term is generally derogatory when used by heterosexuals (and sometimes when used by non-heterosexuals), but, it is also used by some lesbians and bisexual women to refer to themselves, positively. A similar approach to the possibility of reclamation is evident in the use of the word "Queer" among some lesbians, bisexual women, and others. It is important to note that many people do not believe that "Queer" is able to be reclaimed, because of its fraught history and continued pejorative usage. Thus, the terms "dyke" and "Queer" are both potentially liberatory while also being highly contested.


Variant spelling of dike
see dike#Translations entry.
A lesbian
A lesbian

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Dyke or Dike may refer to:
  • Dike (construction), either a long wall or bank built to keep out the sea or enclose or separate land, or the ditch from which the material was dug, or the combination of the two
  • Dike (geology), a long mass of minerals, usually an intrusion of igneous rocks, filling up rents or fissures in the original strata
  • Dyke (slang), a slang term, sometimes offensive, for a woman who is attracted to other women, a lesbian
  • Dikes, a term for diagonal pliers, a hand tool used by electricians and others
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